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This is a blog dedicated to the popular cartoon Codename: Kids Next Door. Feel free to ask me anything or submit anything KND-related! (:
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▷ Codename: Kids Next Door FanFic Recommendations

Since so many people complain about the lack of good KND fanfics, I figured I’d give out some of my personal favourites. Most of you have probably already read these, but in case you haven’t..


Operation: FRAGEMENT by Numbuh702
Three years after decommissioning, the former members of Sector V unknowingly share a secret that could save the world.

Aftermath by Afalstein
…And that was the last time we saw Numbuh 1. We all missed him so much… but I think Wally took it the hardest.” The last days of Sector V, and the struggle of each member, as told by an heir of their legacy. 2x5 and 3x4.

Numbuh Phenon: Anything written by him is amazing, from angst to humor. Great characterization. Wonderful plots. This guy is amazing.

v i t a l s k i e s: Mainly ficlets and oneshots, but they’re definitely worth reading!

angelraider: Most of her stories are about Numbuh 362, so if you’re a 362 fan, you should definitely check her stories out!

I’ll definitely search for more and post them up! (:

wow i used the word “definitely” 3 times D:

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