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This is a blog dedicated to the popular cartoon Codename: Kids Next Door. Feel free to ask me anything or submit anything KND-related! (:
And if you have any character fanart requests, just send me a message and I'll see what I can find!!


Numbuh 1: All right, since we've already used our grapple getting out of the brain, two of us will have to go out there to attach cables by hand.
Numbuh 5: All right. Here's how we'll choose: Eenie Meenie Meiney I ain't goin'.
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Nigel: This will take perfect aim and timing old friend. Are you sure you can do it?
Hoagie: Nope.

Codename: Kids Next Door - Operation: Zero (via asknumbuh1-nigeluno)

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Numbuh 2: My little brother saved us all. He should be one of us!
Numbuh 362: Sorry guys, it can't be done.
Numbuh 4: All right, that's it! If Tommy's out, then I'M out!
Numbuh 5: Are you sure you can't do SOMETHING?
Numbuh 362: No! Anyone who takes their bo-
Numbuh 4: HEY! I just threatened to quit the Kids Next Door!
Numbuh 5: yes, we heard you the first time.
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Luck is like ice cream. It can’t last forever.

Numbah 362, Kids Next Door (via legallyblindobservations)

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Numbuh 5: We have GOT to get rid of this guy!
Numbuh 4: Then YOU go in and wake him!
Numbuh 5: Nuh-uh, I ain't goin' in there. YOU wake him!
Numbuh 2: Oh and I'll get spanked because he's cranky in the morning NO WAY!
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Cree: Hey troops, how's the "guarding" going?
Numbuh 1: Listen, you. We know all about your training.
Cree: What are you talkin' about?
Numbuh 1: Oh, come off it! We know you're wearing a bra and we're gonna put a stop to it if it's the last thing we do!
Cree: Ugh, stupid dad! With the big mouth, and the embarrassing, and pointing it out to the neighbors!
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Numbuh 5: Hellooo! Has anybody seen Numbuh 1 around here? 'Cuz this guy definitely isn't him.
Numbuh 3: Sure it is! Look! He's got the bald head, and the glasses...
Numbuh 5: And he's talking about giving up! That's not the Nigel Uno Numbuh 5 knows!
Numbuh 3: >:U THEN WHO IS IT? Because it looks like Numbuh 1 to me!
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Numbuh 1: I'm Numbuh 1! (hesitant) Let's go have some fun?
Numbuh 2: I'm Numbuh 2! (hesitant) We've got some cool stuff to do?
Numbuh 3: I'm Numbuh 3! Will you play with me?
Numbuh 4: I'm Numbuh 4...and I can't take this anymore!
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Numbuh 1: Okay, Kids Next Door. Simple question: what did we learn today?
Numbuh 2: Do not deviate from plans.
Numbuh 5: Teamwork is the key to mission success.
Numbuh 3: Operational procedures are important.
Numbuh 4: (in a full-body cast and in a wheelchair) Pianos...are heavy.
Numbuh 1: Oh, close enough!
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Numbuh 4: Hey Numbuh 1! You might want to check this out!
Numbuh 1: A roadblock! Quick, tell Numbuh 4 to turn the truck around!
Numbuh 4: I am Numbuh 4!
Numbuh 1: Then who's driving the-
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